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In conclusion, I just wanted to mention that deliverance is a daily process because all Christians are being attacked daily.  However, if you keep obeying God's word, repenting of your sins and rebuking any demonic attack, you will be able to stand strong in the Spirit and have a closer relationship with God.  Here are some more videos that may be of some help to you . . .

Deliverance Help

If you are so taken over with demons that you cannot get your mind/body under control enough to rebuke those demons yourself, then I highly recommend you watch this powerful and effective video. This is a video of Apostle John Eckardt who does a mass deliverance.  Just listen to this video and be in agreement with him. You may also contact a Brother in Christ named Kevin who may be able to do a deliverance through the internet . . . CLICK HERE

Haunted House

If you feel that you have demons haunting you, it could be that they are attached to you or someone in your household.  They can also be attached to your house and it is extremely important to get rid of them.  There is no such thing as a "ghost," but there is such a thing as a demonic spirit making itself to look like a ghost.  There is also no such thing as a "friendly ghost."  Demons/unclean spirits are potentially very dangerous and need to be removed immediately.  They will especially go after the children and will try and destroy the marriage . . . at the very least.  This video is a proven way to drive out demons out of a building and it works for Christians and Non Christians.

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