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This is a list of sins and the demonic/unclean spirits that are attached to those sins.  For example, when you get a constant voice in your head telling you to do some kind of sin, that goes against God's word, then that is probably because you have a demonic spirit around you or attached to you that is tempting you to do that sin.  That demonic spirit has a name and can be identified in this list. Once you have forgiven everyone and you have repented of your sins, it is time to rebuke the demons that are attached to you or influencing you in some way . . .

Step 1 - Make a list of demonic spirits (from list below) that you feel you may have, that are attached to the sins you are doing.

Step 2 - You can say this quietly to yourself, but it is better to say this out loud . . . "I command you spirit of "lust" to go away in the Name of Jesus Christ."  Or, spirit of anger, anxiety, addiction, etc. (from list below)

Step 3 - Go down your list and just keep rebuking each demonic/unclean spirit in your life.

Do this every single time a demonic spirit tempts you to sin.  Do it before you sin, if possible!  If you end up being tempted and do a sin, then repent of that sin and rebuke that spirit.  Make sure and always have forgiveness for everyone.  Over time those unclean spirits will give up in that area of your life, but they will always try and find a weakness (open door from sinning) that they can attack.

A - D

Abandonment (Ps 27:10) - You have done it to someone or it happened to you from parents, ex-spouse, relatives; creates strong sense of rejection, which leads to insecurity, anger, hatred, fight or flight response

Abomination - see also Lucifer

Addictions (1 Cor 10:13) - alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gaming, music, shopping, gambling, food, adrenaline junkie, sex

Adultery (Matt 5:32) - fornication, lust, pornography, uncleanness, lying; can also lead to murder, jealousy, rage, greed, divorce

Ahab - usually a man; submissive, passive, dominated by Jezebel Spirit, indulgent; is submissive in sadomasochism, bdsm, dominatrix

Anger (Eph. 4:26) - Angry, mean, cruel, hate, fighting, temper, fits, rage, rape, child abuse, murder. It can appear as a bear spirit in dreams or calls itself a bear

Antichrist (1 John 4:3) - Against Jesus, hates God, evil, dominates, vanity, mandates, attacks, harassments, mean, nasty, haughty, arrogant, murder, con artist, craves worship, attention and power, evil grin.

Anxiety (Phil 4:6-7) - worry, fearful, insecurity, panic attacks, OCD, hoarding, phobias, panic disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Astral Projection - voluntarily/involuntarily in dreams – appears to be caused by spirit guides, satanic worship, drugs

Azazel (Josh 1:5) - depression, loneliness, heaviness, isolation, recluse, wanting to shut out the world

Baal (Jer 23:13) - sun god, eucharist, Catholicism, having a "religion" or religious control

Baphomet (Jude 1:7) - androgynous demon with a goat face. - lust, carnality, gay rights, sodomy, homosexuality, lesbian, transgender, LGBT

Beelzebub (Matt 12:22-24) - Lord of the flies – related to tattoos, love of power, seeks spiritual power, blasphemy, flies and insects seem to be around and growling can be heard

Belial (Deut 13:13) - Wickedness, carnal independence, seared conscious, self-sufficiency, they pull people from God, cocky, arrogant and defiant.

Blasphemy (Matt. 26:74) - Cursing, swearing, profanity, obscene language, irreverence, reviling God, unable to worship God, gnashing of teeth, wrath. Blaspheming God's Name: "Oh my God" or "Jesus Age Christ" denying the works of the Holy Spirit

Bitterness (Hebrews 12:14-15) - deep resentment, holding a grudge, spiteful, malice, hatred, having ill will - People will mention hearing or see the word "wormwood

Bondage (Rom. 8:15) - captivity to satan; Anguish, bitterness, oppression, depression, enslaved or addicted to anything like Alcohol, sex, drugs or tobacco; see also Addiction

Confusion (1 Cor 14:33) - Sluggish and tired, lack of passion for Jesus, frustration, lack of peace, wanting to give up assignment, start to question yourself and purpose.

Controlling (Titus 3:2) - Abusing others, mean, arrogant, manipulative, selfish, haughty, pretentious, perfectionist, insecure, criticizes others words or actions

Covetousness (Eph 5:5) - ambition, desire for things of the world, greed for power, status, recognition, materialism, have to have the best

Deaf/Dumb (Mk. 9:17) - Deaf, convulsions, mentally challenged, cannot speak, autism, epilepsy, blindness; possibly a generational curse

Death (Rom 6:23) - abortion, near death accident, attempted suicide, murders, generational deaths – makes people feel cold and have dreams of dead people

Delilah (1 Pet 5:8) - seduction, flirting, sexual control, destroys married men and pastors, loves money and sex, very deceptive and dangerous

Depression - see also Heaviness

Destruction (Phil 3:18-19) - Critical of self, temper, suicidal, throws things, accidents, illness, this spirit can kill people.

Divination (Deut. 18:10) Babylon, Bio-feedback/Bio-rhythms, Black Magic, Black Princes, Buddha, Clairvoyant, Conjuring, Curses, Demons, Devils, Dragons, Druids, Ectoplasm, Harry Potter, Holy Water, Horoscopes, Hypnotist, Lord of the Rings, Magical Books, Magic Powers, Magic Scrolls, Magical Spells, Magical Swords, Magician, Martial Arts, Mysterious Forces, Mythical Beasts, Mythical Gods, Monsters, Minions, Narnia, Necromancy, New Age Practices, Occult, Ouija Board, Palm Reading, Potions, Reiki, Sorcery, Tarot Cards, Witchcraft, Witches, Wizards, Yoga, Zen . . . Objects of worship to other gods or spirits.

Doubt (Lk 24:38) - questioning the deity of Jesus - doubts that evil spirits exist, about being delivered or being saved

E - L


Effeminate (Rom. 1:27) - Gay, sexual perversions, lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexual, transvestite, gossip, jealous, anger, cleanliness, speaks with a lisp, feminine gestures; see also Baphomet

Envy (1 Pet 2:1) - looking at others and feeling jealousy, covetousness, resentment, discontent

Error (1 Jn 4:5) - worldly motivation, unsubmissive, unteachable, defensive, argumentative, defends false doctrines, contentions, new age teaching

Familiar (Lev. 20:6) - Spirit that only seems to be your friend, supernatural spirits that assist witches, a vice you are comfortable with, "the devil on your shoulder" - dreamers, angel visitations, false prophesies, clairvoyants, false rhemas, meditations, imaginary playmates, visualization, drugs, hypnosis, extra sensory perception (ESP)

Fear (2 Tim 1:7) - torment, trembling, dread, phobias, fear of death, fear of insanity, suicide, nightmares, hypochondria, anxiety, panic attacks

Fraternity (Mat 5:33-37) - oaths, secret societies, freemasons, illuminati, sororities

Insanity (Mk. 5:3-5) - insanity, fear of insanity, lunatic, mentally unstable, cannibalism, evil grin, inappropriate laughing

Insecurity - see also Anxiety and Fear

Gambling (Eph 4:28) - risk taking, greed, betting, dishonesty, daredevil, buying lottery tickets, compulsive disorder

Gluttony (Phil 3:19) - cannot feel full, over indulgence, greedy, excessive, selfish, feels insecure, seeks pleasure, obesity

Gossip/Backbiting (Rom 1:28-30) - slander, malicious, spiteful, loves a scandal, lying

Heaviness/Depression (Isa. 61:3) - lethargic, apathy, over sleeps, mourning, grief, sorrow, oppression, hopelessness, despair, suicide, thoughts of jumping in front of cars, trains, etc..., despondent, low self esteem, cutting oneself, hearing voices

Homosexuality - see also "Baphomet"

Horror (Isaiah 41:10) - horror movies, violence, death, fear, spiritual trauma - see also "Fear"

Idol Worship (Ex 20:3-5a) - always have to have an idol; cross, beads, pictures, charm bracelets, statues, figurines

Illegitimacy (Deut 23:2) - born out of wedlock (curse for 10 generations) rejection, abandonment, insecurity, hiding, shame

Imaginary Friends - see also Familiar

Infirmity (Lk. 13:11) - Always sickly, illness, frailness, infections, colds and flus, walking pneumonia, constant cough, sore throats, migraines, intestinal problems, allergies, heart troubles, diabetes, cancer,

Islam (1 John 2:22) - anti-christ; declares, "Jesus is a prophet," hates women, worships allah - see also "Terror"

Jealousy (Num. 5:14) - murder, anger, envy, rage, insecure, distrust, hate, suspicion, covetousness, competitive, anxiety, emulations

Jezebel (Rev 2:20) - usually women; pride, rebellion, stubborness, vanity, uses profanities, controling, seducing, flirting, cheating, lying, gossiping, manipulation, greed, materialism, witchcraft, making wishes, considers herself a prophetess, envy, jealousy, vengeance, malice, anger, discontentment, laughing inappropriately, and huge appetite for sex, food, shopping and traveling

Kundalini (1 Tim 4:1) - serpent spirit that moves in the spine and it mimicks/mocks the Holy Spirit; falling down, unconscious, state of bliss, uncontrollable laughter or crying, jerking and all different kinds of body movements, shaking, acting like animals, serpent-like movements; Can cause a person to follow new age teachings over time.

Legion (Luke 8:30) - military type of group of 1000's of demons, usually connected to cursed objects like witchcraft cards of any kind, tarot cards, ouija boards, firgurines/statues. Curses can be put on almost anything

Lethargy (Matt 11:28-30) - tired, restless, sleepy, uninterested in normal interests and activities, slothfulness

Leviathan (Isa 27:1) - stiffnecked, pride, stubborness, double mindedness, ignoring God's will, haughtiness, feeling entitled, claiming rights, feeling that everyone else is the problem, too much pride to even seek deliverance or realize there is a problem

Lucifer (Isa 14:12-16) - self centered, self reliant, (instead of on God) self focus, self will, self pity, self conscious, narcissism, staring at yourself in the mirror alot, human and earthly wisdom, antichrist, lawless, can have migraines, paranoia of being followed, seeing repeating numbers alot

Lust (Matt. 5:28) - obsessed with sex, promiscuity, adultery, seductive, sexual humor, dirty mind, dirty joking, sticks tongue out; see also Sexual

Lying (1 Kings 22:23) - deceptive, accusations, exaggerations, flattery, profanity, hypocrisy, religious lies, seductions, false teachers; see also Gossip

M - W

Malicious (1 Peter 3:9) - evil thoughts, revenge, spiteful, cruel, unkind, hateful, bad intentions towards someone

Medusa - molestation, incest; hate or distrust of men in any authority type position (father, boss, leaders, etc.)

Mind Control (1 Cor 6:19-20) - prescription meds, alcohol, drugs, (legal or illegal) binaural beats, hypnosis; see also Addiction

Murder - see also Death

Muse/Entertainer  (1 Cor 10:31) - actor, performer, clown, singer, impersonator, juggler, mime, magician, comedian, musician, author, beguiler, deceiver, liar, seeks stardom, center of attention Please Note: If it is NOT done to glorify God or if it is done to bring attention away from God and onto that person, then it is a demonic Muse spirit.

Pain (Job 30:17) - migraines, Headaches, Body Aches, Fibromyalgia

Perversion - turned away from what is right, good and proper; negative outlook on life and lacking in integrity and moral conduct

Pride (Prov. 16:18) - prideful, arrogant, scornful, mocking, bragging, stiffnecked, gossip, egotistic, vanity, pretentious, snobbish, cocky, insolent smiling; see also Leviathan

Profanity (Eph 4:29) - curse/cuss words, obscenity, disrepect, offending, abuse; see also Blashemy

Prophetic (1 John 4:1) - gives prophecies that don't come true, claims to be a prophet or prophetess, seer, "special servant" of God; Please Note: There are true Prophets, but there are even more false prophets because they have a "Prophetic Spirit," that is not of God.

Python (Jer 29:11) - crushes your hope and vision in Jesus, destroys God's plan for you - wraps around and soffocates people, families, churches, business, communities or nations - isolation, cliques, no communication, no rejoicing, no fellowhip, agitation, strife

Rebellion (Ezek 2:6-8) - rebellion against authority of any kind, disobedient, won't listen, prideful, arrogance, sassy, stubborn, atheism, witchcraft

Rejection (Ps 27:10) - usually abandonment from a parent; feelings of low self esteem, insecurity, worthless, useless, no purpose, emptiness; see also Abandonment

Religious - (James 1:26) cannot let go of religion; prideful about being a Muslim, Buddist, Hindu, Catholic, etc; "Christians" having a religion, but NOT having any intimacy or personal relationship with Jesus

Seducing (Josh 24:15) - hypocritical, seducer, lies, seared conscience, deception; fascination to evil ways, objects or person; fascination by false prophets signs and wonders; wanderers from the truth, enticers

Selfish - see also Vanity

Self-righteous (Matt 7:1-5) - prideful, arrogant, selfish, critical, unteachable, pretentious, rigid, inflexible, legalism, correcting others, thinking that you are always right.

Sexual (Isa. 19:14) - lust, sexual perversions, lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexual, transvestite, adultery, pornography, prostitution, seduce, child abuse, rape, bestiality, sinister grin, obesity

Sickness - see also Infirmity

Snake (2 Tim 4:3-4) - false teachers, false doctrines, prosperity gospel, "little gods" doctrine, word of faith movement, abundant life teaching, gold dust and precious stones manifestations, "no hell" teaching, "Bible is corrupt" teaching

Stubborn (2 Tim 3:2) - critical, haughty, prideful, unteachable, rebellious, controlling, won't listen to others; see also Self-righteous

Suicide - see also Death

Terror (Matt 5:43-48) - bully, entice, abusing others, mean, haughty, pretentious, insecure, interrogation, believes one is better than everyone else, brings people under extreme scrutiny for their thoughts, words or actions: Islam/ISIS

Torment (1 John 4:18) - severe chronic pain, torture, pain that is undiagnosed and moves around body, fear of pain, hopelessness, suicide, smiles or laughs when others get hurt, nightime torment like sleep paralysis

Trauma (Ps 107:13-16) - fearful incidents, scary pranks, incest, rape, molestation, horror movies and video games, serious accidents, traumatic surgery, near death experience; also see Fear, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, etc

Unclean/Foul (Mk. 5:8) - anger, mean, uncleanness, diseases like epilepsy, sickness, bad breath.

Unforgiveness (Mk 11:25) - bitterness, jealousy, resentment, anger, stubborn, envy, hard-heartedness

Vanity (Prov 31:30) - selfish, narcissism, greedy, focused on physical beauty and popularity, conceited, constanly talks about oneself, very critical of others; also see Lucifer and Jezebel

Whoredom (1 Cor 6:9-10) - unfaithfullness, adultery, prostitution, love of money, excessive appetite for sex, fornication, chronic dissatisfaction, worldliness

Witchcraft - see also Divination

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